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Yemeya Tribe Dance Group
Yemeya Tribe performs at the Sacred Women Fest 2017.

Yemeya Tribe

  • Nina Ndjemba Elemva

    Nina Ndjemba Elemva

    Nina is half Russian and half Cameroonian - born in Yacounde in Central Africa. Artistic coordinator for Jungledom network and Lead Dancer in the NYC based dance group Kamutshima. She is also a director, choreographer and latin dance teacher at the Alma Libre Dance School in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Her dance background is a mix of basic ballet, contemporary jazz and African Dance and hip hop. Dancing is my entire life and my passion;

    “I breathe, eat and drink it. I also love teaching dance as it helps me share my passion and evolve myself”.

    The Yemaya Dance Crew represents for
  • Marie Jaccard

    Marie Jaccard

    Born in Switzerland, free mind and spirit traveller always looking to learn more and discover the world. I started being interested in Dance since very young and started to practice classic and jazz. After a few years of break I started dancing again when I discovered Latin America where dancing become a passion! The univers and circounstances of life have always given me the opportunity to meet with dancers and dance lovers and I have been learning and practicing especially in Brasil, Colombia and Dominicain Republic.Role : DANCER AND COSTUME ORGANIZER
  • Mary Jane Garcia Infante

    Mary Jane Garcia Infante

    Teacher of holistic education, social communicator, rescuer of the Afro-TaÌna culture and an activist for female empowerment, human rights and the love of the mother earth. Today she works for the empowerment of Dominican and Haitian girls and adolescents through reading and writing, awakening and critical and creative thinking for the eradication of extreme poverty. Dance is another passion and another way to express herself with " the rhythm of the mother earth".
  • Salya Scnatz

    Salya Scnatz

    Being the daughter of a Rastafarian drummer from Senegal and a freedom searching, spiritual woman from Germany. Nature, movement and rhythm has always had a big impact in my life. When I'm dancing there is no space for negativity, pain or problems. Dancing takes me to a space full of positivity, joy and sensuality. Loving to challenge myself I have developed a passion for sports and acrobatics, specially weight training and aerial silks. Role : GUEST DANCER
  • Yasmine Jas Taveras

    Yasmine Jas Taveras

    I am a Dominican PR person and Art Director. I would describe myself as a dreamer and a traveller. I enjoy dancing African dance, hip hop and contemporary, basically anything with a sound. I practice yoga as a discipline which keeps me rooted and balanced. I like to surf and planting and hugging trees. Having the opportunity to do what I love alongside my sisters is a blessing. Our dance is a ritual that releases negativity and heals us and the earth. Every time we gather to dance we turn into light. Dancing for me is connecting to your roots
  • Ruth Parra

    Ruth Parra

    Ruth is a professional surfer from Venezuela that finds her true inspiration in nature, dance and sports. Her vision and dream is to work towards a better existence and world through any way possible. The main tools used to attain the above is surf, dance and yoga. She also has great passion for the ocean and social work, something that developed through years of travelling and competing as a professional surfer. In addition Ruth is a clothing designer very much inspired by the goddess like creature of women exposing their beauty and talent..
  • Amit Amiran

    Amit Amiran

    Amit Amiran, 25, born in Guatemala, raised most of her life in Dominican Republic and has lived the last 7 years in Israel where she founded her company "AguaYrai", designing and producing jewelry and clothes. She has been dancing Tribal Fusion Bellydance, awareness dance through Bellydance and improvisation dance for many years. Mission in life: activate and empower our inner growth, beauty and evolution, to connect our consciousness with the larger galactic whole. Yemanya Role: Dancer and Costume Designer
  • Iskania Livanessa

    Iskania Livanessa

Ruth is the founder and the head organizer of the festival, but you can see her perform in the festival as well.
Mary Jane Garcia Infante
Mary Jane Garcia Infante Logistics and PR Manager
Mary Jane holds many strings together and finds solutions to logistical challenges.
Nina Ndjemba Elemva
Nina Ndjemba Elemva Creative Director Dance
Nina is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, directing the dance category.
Jasmine Taveras
Jasmine Taveras Art Director
Jasmine Taveras brings her creative experience and talent to the table as art director.
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